Garth Britzman is a designer and maker of things and spaces that awe, inspire, and delight. He develops novel uses for ordinary materials, upcycling them into aggregated objects that encourage discourse on sustainability, lifestyle, and fashion.  With experience in the theme park industry, Britzman has worked on major international design projects while balancing more nuanced endeavors in furniture, food, sculptures, and art installations.
  A conservationist and environmentalist, Britzman is dedicated to preserving the expansive qualities of our natural environment while embracing thoughtful urbanization and consumer attitudes.  Recycling and reuse become paramount in establishing these advantageous behaviors. His artwork allows for these ideas to be tested and celebrated.
Sometimes, Britzman works under the pseudonym Britzman Industries, which explores opportunities between interactive art and manufacturing. The venture can be succinctly described as a bespoke manufacturer of fun.
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