The town of Puerto Providencia exists entirely from its strategic location along a transcontinental transportation network. Consequently, large quantities of goods will be filtering through this new port town switching between river and road transportation.  This project takes advantage of this intermodal exchange to provide three opportunities for both freight transfer and social exchange to occur.  Using available materials found on the site including a decommissioned barge, this project anticipates and generates specific growth along the Napo River developing more urban development in an ecologically sensitive region in the Amazon Rainforest.
The monumental floating barge deposits three fragments of itself along the shore of the river each engaging the river and the land in different ways.  Every new city requires certain infrastructural components that encourage a healthy and desirable city to attract agrarian workers.  In this case, a place of worship, a pier, a main street, and a market are provided from the fragments of the barge.
Growth is anticipated through the mimicry of the architecture and construction of each fragment.
The barge’s form relates to its orientation against the shore and the intended direction of growth within the finka.  Each fragment of the barge deposited along the shore is ready to embrace change and decay unavoidable in the extreme environment of a tropical rainforest.
Stage 1 - Chapel + Agroforestry
Stage 2 + 3 - Pier + Market
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