Drenched in SoCal flavor, this backyard home designed for a local surf legend cements this backyard as the de facto post-sesh' hangout destination.  Leveraging California's amended Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) laws, this project fits comfortably on most single family zoned properties and allows additional income generation or welcomes the occasional visit from the in-laws. Optimized living spaces jam with LA County building codes without sacrificing architectural excellence. 
Designed with a SIP + modular construction system, installation will be efficient, accelerated, and of course embrace superior sustainability in materials and systems.  We love our environment and believe in designing rad architecture that feels great to live in and vibes with mother nature. 
Of course one size does not fit all so we've designed this project in small, medium, and large.  For other sizes and more of our architecture, please reach out below:

This project was conceived and fine tuned in collaboration with Pink Sparrow www.pinksparrow.com
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