Common Thread is an informal art installation made to engage visitors in play, entertainment, leisure, and learning through several site-specific appearances around the city of Brookings.  This giant thread was created to visualize our community in an extraordinary way.  Nearly twenty-four hundred balls, each representing 10 members of the Brookings community will weave its way around town stopping at our favorite places and events.  The project recognizes our neighbor’s diversity and individuality while celebrating the community network to which we all belong.
Throughout its citywide appearances, Common Thread may become a: 
performance space,
or a maze. 
This project was made possible by the Brookings Public Arts Commission and the City of Brookings, South Dakota.

Photo by Katelyn Britzman

Graphic Attributions:
"">Food vector created by macrovector -
"" title="Freepik">Freepik</a> from <a href="" title="Flaticon">
"">Isometric People Bar Vectors by Vecteezy
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