Adventure Bay area celebrated the wonder and exploration of Africa. We included iconic features of the continent and wove rich stories of adventure into each space.  High thrill rides were the hallmark of this exciting land!
Gateway to Africa brought guests on an incredible tour of Africa's wildlife.  We leveraged new technology to bring guests closer than ever to wildlife through virtual experiences on land, water, and air!
This ride brought guests on a high speed boat ride up the Nile River, virtually of course!
Lastly, we developed a land of enchantment.  The Enchanted Forest was a perfect setting for integrating folklore and mystery into the guest experience.  The weenie was an elaborate tree we designed at the center of the land. We integrated a dining experience for guests and imagined the experience just as the sun sets and the lights begin to glow.
This project was done in collaboration with Brock Larsen Design and Landmark Entertainment Group. 
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