I contributed to the design and development of a detailed masterplan, concept art, and detailed concept package for a 600 acre site in Accra, Ghana, commissioned by the government.  Our office specialized in creating entertainment oriented developments, immersive theme parks, and bold architectural proposals.  

We developed detailed plans and designs for several resorts, a waterpark, theme park, retail, commercial, residential, and infrastructural. 
I developed a concept for a central icon to the 600 acre site: a massive ring shaped tower with commercial, retail, and entertainment programming.  We worked with company to develop the concept art below for presentation to our client. 
Programming on this site includes single-family residential, multi-family, high-rise commercial, retail + dining + entertainment,  hospitality, a waterpark, themepark, and a nature park.  We phased buildout proposing 1- and 10-year development plans.

A safari themed 4-star hotel on the site.

Residential development within the greater masterplan

This project was done in collaboration with Brock Larsen Design and Landmark Entertainment Group. 
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