There is a sublime beauty to the flatness of the Great Plains of South Dakota. A crisp horizon bisects the earth and the sky.  Grasslands transmit the emotions of the breeze. The terrain gently rises and falls, contoured by cornrows, and punctuated with the occasional grain elevator, farmstead, and telephone pole.  
Highways chase that sublime horizon from east to west, gracefully revealing the countryside one mile at a time.  Each turn, hill, and valley teases us to want to see more.  Horizon takes visitors on the same journey, gently rising above the horizon to reveal distant lands.  Horizon is first and foremost accessible to all.  It’s made from naturally decay resistant wood from telephone and power infrastructure, time tested and low carbon.  Horizon’s form is simple, yet iconic. Repetition mimics the cadence of watching fence posts pass by while driving the roads of the plains.  Horizon rises 12m above earth to provide an unobstructed view of the sacred land once carved by glacier.
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