The LIM Wall is a critical element to the LIM Studio and LIM Mini modular home kits.  The Wall integrates weatherproofing, structure, insulation, and an interior finish - the first of its kind!  Through several dozen prototypes, we developed the LIM Wall into a building component that was reliable, manufacturable, and flexible. Prefabrication makes on-site installation rapid, foolproof, and fun - so much so that we encourage our customers to assemble the house themselves! 
Panels are standardized allowing our customers the opportunity to customize their desired layout while maintaining system compatibility and modularity.  Windows, doors, lights, plumbing, fire suppression, and HVAC are integrated into the system.  The panels were tested through an ICC technical evaluation service which determined compliance with both CRC and IRC building codes. The panel has been structurally tested and approved for use in construction.  The report is available below: 
More information about LIM products below:
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