Coffee shop in the morning and cozy wine bar in the evening? Sign me up.  Mosaic Wine Bar joined local coffee slinger Kool Beans Coffee to do just that.  A historic building along Main Street provided the perfect backdrop to serve its community with equal parts caffeine and cabernet. 
A recent historical preservation project brought back the original storefront windows providing generous views of Main Street.  We minimized our impact on the historical structure originally constructed by the freemasons by leveraging light to highlight the texture of the mason's handiwork. 

The Mosaic brand is expressed through five large wall segments distributed along the length of the space.  

While the wine bar occupies the left side of the space, and the coffee bar the right - customers are welcome to mingle throughout the space finding a comfortable couch, chair, or church pew to enjoy their beverage.

We focused on providing a variety of seating opportunities to serve the diverse community.
Custom magnetic signage boards and wine flights brought a bespoke quality to the experience. 
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