This installation was designed to occupy a parking spot for an international annual event called PARK(ing) Day. The fabrication involved 26 people and over 300 hours of work. This project sought to challenge the way in which we inhabit urban contexts. (POP)culture questions the behavior that plagues those locked in a high speed lifestyle insensible to the ramifications of their actions. Using only recycled materials, (POP)culture is an oasis within the noisy context of urban infrastructure. Defined by the ubiquitous paint stripes that frame our means of transportation, this project temporarily re-imagines a parking space as a park. One thousand five hundred and eighty one 20 ounce soda bottles create a canopy under which discussions of urban density, sustainability, and consumerism transpire.
The deliberate positioning of the bottom surface of the bottles encourages intimate encounters with the bottles. At eye level, the undulating surface of the bottles suggests an endless landscape of beautifully colored waste. A bottle, when placed among thousands of copies, articulates the magnitude of contemporary consumptive lifestyles.

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