Superfurniture explores the materiality of perhaps the most iconic and silly summertime toy - the pool noodle.  Removed from its familiar aquatic environment, thousands of noodles collectively form Superfurniture throughout Ilus Davis Park in Kansas City, Missouri.  Chairs, couches, lounges, benches, ottomans, beds, chaises, and futons will stretch throughout the length of the park.  The Superfurniture is carefully carved from the hand stitched noodles providing endless opportunities for park visitors to recline in a remarkably comfortable array of furniture sporting a likeness to some of the most iconic modern furniture from Charles and Ray Eames, Herman Miller, Marcel Breuer, Mies van der Rohe, and le Corbusier.

Project Team:  Garth Britzman and Matthew Elsom

Dithering Patterns emerged as a product of digital drawing software which explores the methods and algorithms associated with pixelated blending of two colors.  This project explored methods of dithering at an ultra low-fidelity.

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